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Dear kayak marathon enthusiasts!

Registration is now open for the 2023 Abruka Sea Kayak Race. We encourage you to register early (see below for more information about registration).

There aren’t many grassroots sea kayak marathons hosted in Estonia, save for the competitive Lahemaa Marathon and the Laimjala Aeruramm canoe orienteering competition. Our marathon is significantly longer, spanning almost 40 km from the Kuressaare castle park around Väike-Tulpe and Abruka islands. This route offers great geographical benefits: the choice of distances, pitstops along the way that support spectators, logistics, shelter from open sea waves, sea rescue and safety, and a finish line with good infrastructure. The shallow Gulf of Riga has warm water, adding to the sense of security. You can opt to do the shorter course (approx. 27 km) or go both distances in a group.

A kayak marathon, among other things, broadens sporting opportunities for the islanders, introducing them (often for the first time) to a sport that could be practiced much more often in the island’s coastal waters than it currently is. To popularise and encourage the sport, the members of the Abruka Village Association can participate for free.

This marathon is not competitive in nature. Each participant may take the time off and visit the local inns on Abruka or try their luck in collecting Baltic amber on the beaches of the islets. There is a bird-watching prize for the boat party that in its short or long distance has counted the most bird species. In addition, the first three boats on the full-length course will receive awards coupled with awards for the fastest paddler in a single-seated kayak on the full-length course, the fastest female paddler on the full-length course, and the fastest boat on the short track.

The marathon’s schedule includes activities from morning until late at night. The finish line at the Roomassaare marina is open until sunset.

Long story short:

The kayak marathon starts on 22 July at 10 am from Kuressaare Castle Park. The marathon distance is approximately 39/27 km. The track passes the islands of Abruka, Vahase, Linnusita, and Kasse. The long-distance track passes also the Väike-Tulpe island. Safety boats in cooperation with the Saaremaa Search and Rescue Team patrol the length of the course.

Marathon participants have free catering on the race track (Vesiaia pitstop and Abruka Harbor pitstop). Soft drinks are served at the finish area in Roomassaare Port. The afterparty and sauna take place in Roomassaare Port at around 18 pm.


Registration form is available here.

Marathon fee is 30 € (before June), 40 € (in June), and 50 € (in July). Registration is open until 10 July.

Registration is complete upon submitting the registration form and making a bank transfer to the Abruka Village Association's bank account: 

Name: Abruka Külaselts

Bank account: EE 26 2200 2210 2105 2463 (Swedbank)

If the weather forecast for 22 July 2023 is unfavorable, the marathon will take place either on the previous or the following day and the participation fee will not be refunded in this case. If strong winds (with gusts reaching over 8 m/s) are expected throughout the whole weekend of 21 to 23 July, then the marathon will be postponed for safety reasons to the next weekend. If the registered participant cannot participate in the marathon the next weekend and informs the organizer about it in advance by way of sending an e-mail to, the participation fee already paid will be refunded. Changes in the time of the event will be communicated to all registered participants via e-mail and posted on the Facebook account of the Abruka Sea Kayak Race.

Traveling to Kuressaare, accommodation, and kayak rentals:
The easiest way to reach Kuressaare from Tallinn is by plane. Please look up the Flynyx website and book your tickets well in advance. Tallinn Airport is located 4 km from the Old Town and Kuressaare Airport is less than 3 km from Kuressaare Castle Park.  Kuressaare is easily accessible by bus if you are traveling from Tallinn, Tartu, and via Pärnu from Riga (

For kayak rentals in Kuressaare, see here or here.

Kuressaare has a large number of options when it comes to accommodation. Hotels and spas are plentiful, while Airbnb is also a good option.

For more information on accommodation and sightseeing on Saaremaa Island, please see

For more information, see the Estonian version of the website or contact the organizer by phone (tel: +3725158445) or the Abruka Village Association (by e-mail:

The Abruka Sea Kayak Race was supported in 2022 and 2023 by MTÜ Vöimalus.